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Paula Widmer, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
and Life Coach

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Counseling Topics

Family Togetherness ... or not.

Leaving, or being left.

Intimacy and closeness.

After the affair.

Loss and transition.

Gender identity.

Putting anxiety in its place.

Depressed no more.

Stress and illness.

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Welcome to Shine!
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Is this you?
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How do I take charge of my runaway emotions?
How can I put myself first when everybody needs me?
Why do I keep getting sick?
How will I ever trust [him, her] again?!
I’m burnt out. What do I do about it?
How do I get through to my [spouse, partner, teen, parents, boss]?
How come everybody else knows what to do, and I don’t?
I have a great idea for a business. Where do I go from here?

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Coaching Topics

Entrepreneurship (Growing a small business).

Emotion regulation.

That unmet goal.

Improving your game.

Getting unstuck.

Facing change.

Overcoming social anxiety.

Workplace sanity.

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