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Paula Widmer, LCSW
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
and Life Coach

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Wilton, ME 04294
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  What my clients say ...

I have worked with Paula as my life coach for a year, and the results have been better than I hoped for when I began. She helped me break down challenges that felt overwhelming into tasks that felt, and were, doable. Those tasks have now either been accomplished or incorporated into my daily life without conscious attention. I feel capable now, as a result of our work together, of coaching myself.

Paula’s coaching reminds me of the process of a child learning to walk. At first the child needs the total physical support of an adult as she is held up and encouraged to take her first steps. She moves on to need only a hand. Then the adult moves a few steps away and encourages the child to walk to him. Finally one day the child sees something she wants and walks to it without thinking and without any support or encouragement. That describes what it’s been like working with Paula as a coach.

Judith, 55, downeast Maine

Paula helped me hear my OWN voice, instead of everyone else’s.

Josh, 30, Boston

Paula helped me and my husband so much. We thought entrepreneurial coaching would cover just the technical aspects of starting our business. What actually happened was that we became able to have effective communication between the two of us. Now we can identify the blocks that kept us from being able to hear each other. Now we can work together!

Betsy, 56, western Maine

I have five reasons to extol the virtues of Paula's coaching! 1) She got me started. 2) She brought awareness to how I created my own limitations, and where I was stuck. 3) She enabled me in sessions to stretch myself and look beyond "The Box". 4) She greatly increased my effectiveness as a partner. And 5) now I'm more open, creative, and proactive in my approach to the business side of my work as a counselor, coach, consultant, and teacher.

Mick, 67, western Maine

Paula made the light bulb go off by clarifying for me what was going on. That was it! Then I was able to see for myself how to deal with my situation.

Nancy, 61, Boston area

The biggest benefit from Paula’s coaching has been that it cultivated my self-awareness; it helped me come more fully into my Life. Coaching has brought me to a place I wouldn't have been able to go to before.

Michelle, 32, western Maine


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